Advice for Managing Up at Work from Experienced Leaders

managing up is a key skill to succeed

How do I look good to my boss? How do I stay on the same page as them? What do I do to avoid unwanted surprises with my manager? What are the best approaches to managing up well? These are common questions mid level leaders and individual contributors alike ask themselves when they start working […]

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Become an Effective Leader by Mastering this One Skill…

emotional intelligence and being an effective leader means avoiding narcissism

 What makes an effective leader? Typical answers include: a high IQ, a “hustle” attitude, and a big personality. But today, many experts are embracing another answer: high emotional intelligence. The concept of emotional intelligence or the emotional quotient (EQ) is relatively new. But, it’s the skill separating an average manager from an effective leader that […]

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The Key Interview Tactic that will Help You Hire Great Employees

find great candidates with this interview tactic

“Hire slow, fire fast.” If you’ve read anything on hiring, you’ve probably heard that mantra. It’s one of those sayings that gets injected into most hiring process conversations at some point. Whether you agree with it, or despise it, you’re still left with the same question: how do I make better hiring decisions? What interview […]

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Lighthouse Links: How to Be a Great Leader Starting Today

 “Read 500 pages like this every day. That’s how knowledge works. It builds up, like compound interest. All of you can do it, but I guarantee not many of you will do it.” – Warren Buffett, billionaire and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Learning how to be a great leader is a never ending journey. Good leaders are constantly […]

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The Lighthouse Posts You Learned the Most from in 2017

top posts of 2017 on the get lighthouse blog

What are managers and leaders like you most interested in learning about? What topics should you not miss as you start the New Year off on the right foot? We write about what leaders like you tell us you’re looking for help with. Nearly 90% of all posts we write come directly from emails or comments from […]

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How to Convince Your Boss to Start 1 on 1s with You

how to convince your boss to start 1 on 1s

A Lighthouse reader emailed recently asking the important question, “How can I set up expectations each way without sounding like a child when I say, “I’d like weekly one-on-ones!” First of all, it’s a very mature decision to ask for 1 on 1s; you are telling your manager you want to have strong, effective, structured […]

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5 Awesome & Unconventional Books for Leaders to Learn From

books for leaders win bigly

“Business books are all the same. A few good ideas and 100 pages of fluff.” If you or a friend reads regularly, you may be plagued by this unfortunate fact of life for many of the most common books for leaders. Andy Grove, legendary CEO of Intel, even went so far as to write about […]

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Two Key Words to Remember that will Help You Be a Great Manager

a great manager knows the power of the right word

What could make you a great manager without major changes? How could just a couple words have that kind of impact? Believe it or not, I already used both words in this post. And if you start using them more, you can be a great manager, too. Today, we tackle why these words matter, and […]

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Nails in the Coffin: Why a Flat Organizational Structure Fails

the death of the flat organizational structure

A few years ago, having a flat organizational structure was all the rage. Well-known companies like Zappos, Medium, and Buffer were singing its praises and writing detailed posts explaining their reasoning. Tired of bad bosses, and corporate politics, the internet rejoiced. On paper it sounded so great. Why do we need managers? Who needs structure? […]

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