5 Ways You Could Be Contributing to Poor Management at Your Company

Do you find your managers aren’t succeeding? Are your employees complaining about poor management in surveys or exit interviews? Have you gone away for a week or two and come back to find those you left in charge have been playing “boss” instead of servant leader? It’s easy to point the finger at managers that […]

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Developing Leaders: What To Do When Your Team Grows Too Big

Boss: “You’re doing a great job with your team!” You: “Thanks!” Boss: “You don’t mind if we go ahead and put a few more people on your team, right?” You: “Umm….” Whether this is a conversation you have in your head, or one that’s happened to you in talking to your boss, you know the […]

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Culture Summit SF: The 3 Keys to Retaining and Motivating Your Team

Culture Summit: The 3 Keys to Motivating & Retaining Your Team

What’s the difference between managers who have teams that are motivated & engaged, and those whose teams are disengaged and looking for the exit?  From our research here at Lighthouse, we’ve found 3 key habits for managers that separate the two and we shared it in this slide deck today. I was lucky to be […]

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25 Awesome Leadership Quotes

Leadership quotes - Ed Catmull quote

While managing and leading your team is a set of tasks and challenges that can carry many nuances, some of the best advice is surprisingly simple.  That’s why today, we’re bringing you a collection of some of the best leadership quotes we’ve found over the last year that capture a key lesson or inspiration. “I […]

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Status Updates: The biggest trap to avoid in your one on ones

status updates are what bill lumbergh would use his 1 on 1s for

What questions do you bring to your one on ones? If you’re like many managers, they may be similar to these: What did you do last week? What are you doing this week? What are you doing next week? What’s the status of that project? While those are good questions for a manager to know […]

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Awesome Leadership Lessons from the departures of Bill Simmons & Jon Stewart

Leadership Lessons Bill Simmons and Jon Stewart

When a noted entertainment personality leaves their stage, the world takes note and often takes a deeper look at their accomplishments. In the first half of 2015, we’ve seen two major personalities announce departures from their lofty perches: Jon Stewart of the Daily Show and Bill Simmons from ESPN.  While they left on very different […]

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How to Change the Culture of Your Team

Bad habits are easy to form and even harder to change. That goes for individuals and it can also apply to teams. Left unchecked, bad habits become a part of your company’s culture and can damage productivity and morale on your teams. If you look around your company and see parts of your culture you’d […]

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Manager’s Guide: How to Fire an Employee

One of the hardest things to do as a manager is fire an employee.  And unfortunately, there’s not a lot of training on how to do it.  Fortunately, some of the best leaders not only have a lot of experience doing it, but they’ve shared their advice and experience in doing it. Our friend, Eric […]

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