The Most Important Management Concept You’re Missing: Task Relevant Maturity

Management Concept - you can't manage one size fits all

Task Relevant Maturity. Is there a less sexy, technical-sounding phrase for managers? Probably not. Yet, whether you work at a 100,000 employee juggernaut, or a hot startup with a mostly flat organization, you need to add this management concept (and those 3 letters: TRM) to your leadership approach. Otherwise, you may end up like this: […]

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The Unfiltered Truth About Creating Great Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture according to Dilbert

Corporate Culture is a topic filled with feel good, fluffy ideas and a lot of empty promises. Everyone strives for it, but it’s rare to deliver well on it. It feels like it’s even rarer to find good, helpful, actionable content on it. That’s why I’m excited to have Lighthouse friend and author of the […]

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What to Do When You Start Managing Former Peers

managing former peers means elephants in the room

It’s a common scenario: The company you work at is growing. Suddenly, a new layer of management is created, and thus a new role opens up. Leadership in the company wants to promote internally, so you and a number of your peers apply. Only one person can get the job and now that you have […]

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Who do you promote? 5 Qualities of a Good Leader

As your team grows, there’s increasing pressure to develop good leaders within your team. At some point (~10 direct reports) you can’t manage everyone yourself. The logical thing to do is to get help. The best help is someone already in your company, and ideally on your team. They know and fit in your culture, […]

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The most important, yet overlooked management skill

Management skill - Brian Grazer on curiosity in managing

Ask 5 people what makes a good manager, and you’ll get a list of at least a dozen characteristics. Yet, if you wanted to project success for them, there is one management skill that rises above the others: curiosity. Here’s why: Curiosity is a mindset, and it is a skill. The art of asking the right […]

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5 Simple Approaches to Keep Your Composure in Difficult Situations

keep your composure. don't freak out liek this guy

One of the biggest challenges of being a manager is developing self-awareness. The attitude you show, the approaches you use in various situations, and the way that you carry yourself are all picked up by your team. It can be hard to always keep your composure, but that’s what your team needs. No one expects […]

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