Be the Manager You Always Wanted Lighthouse motivates and retains your team by helping you focus on the most important thing: Your People


Everyone wants to be a good manager, but it’s not easy when you’re constantly in meetings, context switching, making important decisions, and putting out fires.

Little training comes along with the promotion to managing others and apps for HR, project management, and To Do lists aren’t built for the unique needs of managing your team.

With Lighthouse, there is finally an app to help you motivate and retain your team, by making it easy for you to focus on each of your people and remember all the little things that make them love working for their manager.



Have Great 1 on 1s

Lighthouse helps you be prepared for your next 1 on 1 and remind you of what’s important to discuss with each team member. We are a central place for all your 1 on 1 notes. Get them out of Evernote, email drafts, and Google Docs. Lighthouse has all the information you need in one place, structured and organized.


Help Your People Grow

If you’re not helping your team become who they want to be, they’ll go somewhere that will. Don’t shortchange their goals by only talking about them in an annual review.

Aligning people’s work with their long term goals makes happy, productive teams. Lighthouse helps you break down big goals, so even with lots of other responsibilities, you help them make regular progress.

Personal info

Remember key personal info

Ever forget the name of an employee’s spouse at an office party? Do you remember who has children? Want to give someone an affordable and thoughtful gift based on their passions outside work? Lighthouse helps you remember everything about your team member and make it easy to access it any time.

Best practises

Follow best practices

Lighthouse was developed based on the needs of even the most experienced managers and we’re here to help share best practices if you’re still learning the ropes.

We use it as managers ourselves and learned from those with decades of management experience.

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