Introducing: The Creating High Performing Teams Podcast - Episode 1

How did Lighthouse start? What was the inspiration for the business and blog you see today?

If you've ever wondered about the Lighthouse origin story, then today's you're lucky day

As we kick off the Lighthouse podcast, "Creating High Performing Teams", we start by sharing how it all started nearly 8 years ago.

We also share what you can expect over the season's next 20 episodes, all focused on giving you the most actionable advice to be a better leader as soon as you finish listening to an episode.

creating high performing teams podcast

The Creating High Performing Teams Podcast, Episode 1: The Lighthouse Origin Story

In each episode, we'll be posting the episodes on the Lighthouse blog here, which will include:

  • The topic and guest for the episode
  • Show Notes including key links and books discussed in the episode
  • How to find the guests online and in social networks
  • Where to learn more about any special offers related to that episode

You can then listen to the episode below and subscribe to the show on your favorite platform:

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creating high performing teams
? creating high performing teams
On Mission with Chris Wright Podcast | Langham Partnership Canada

We're excited to share with you so many great guests from all around the world talking about remote work, communication, giving feedback, managing your mindset as a manager, how to lead from the heat and so much more.

Stay tuned for awesome episodes every Tuesday...

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