How a Bad Boss Turns their One on Ones into Torture

Bad managers don't know what David Cancel does about the value of 1 on 1s

A bad boss is usually a good person. There are many reasons that they can end up developing bad habits that lead to negative consequences for them and their team. Often, those problems then compound, forcing them into reactive management, fighting fires and dealing with major issues constantly.  This makes it even harder to turn […]

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What leaders must learn about the First Follower principle

listen to your people if you want a first follower

First Follower, fifth follower, fiftieth follower. They’re all the same, right? Not quite. Whether the change you’re bringing is big or small, having a great First Follower can make all difference between standing alone, and getting full buy in and acceptance from those you’re leading. Start a Movement I recently saw this inspiring TED Talk […]

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51 Questions to Ask in One on Ones with a Manager

What questions do you ask in one on ones with your managers? It’s critical you make the most of your time meeting with them. When you’re at the level in an organization where you manage others who also manage, your impact is exponential; not only do your efforts improve or hurt your team, but it […]

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How to Motivate Your Team Without Breaking the Bank

how to motivate your team is not giving more work like Dilbert

We all dream of having an energized team, totally motivated and hitting all their goals. If you’re lucky, you may work in such an environment. Congratulations, that comes from hard work by leaders like you. For the rest of us, the question then becomes how to motivate your team to be more like that. What […]

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The One on One Meeting: How to convince a skeptical team member

a healthy growth mindset is key to a great one on one meeting

I don’t want to. Do I have to? That sounds like a waste of time. If you’re excited about having a one on one meeting with each person on your team and any of them respond in those ways, it can be pretty disappointing. Don’t let it stop you. The benefits to morale, motivation, and […]

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Why You Should Lead From the Heart: Lessons from Mark Crowley

Mark Crowley Lead from the Heart lessons

Finance is a ruthless, heartless industry, right? The only thing people there care about is money. Not so fast. For 25 years, Mark Crowley proved the stereotypes wrong. By leading from the heart with his teams, they routinely ranked in the top 5% at some of the largest financial services companies in America. He’s now […]

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Why Quarterly Check-ins Don’t Cut it and Contribute to Turnover

use the progress principle to make your check-ins great

“I’m giving my two weeks notice. I’ve taken another job.” My friend had just blindsided her manager by telling him she was leaving. The manager never saw it coming. My friend seemed happy. She was friends with many of her coworkers, and seemed to enjoy her work. Yet, under the surface, problems were brewing. There […]

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How to Ensure a New Manager Succeeds

julie zhuo reminds us that a new manager has to learn from what they experience

Being a new manager can be an exciting, and stressful, opportunity. It’s a great promotion, with new responsibilities, added prestige, and the pay bump to match. It’s also a major career change to a world very different than what you learn in any school or classroom. It’s important that you promote people looking to be […]

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5 Reasons Good People Become Bad Bosses

bad bosses use a stick but shouldn't according to president dwight eisenhower

Why are there so many bad bosses? Gallup research reveals that over 50% of Americans have quit a job to get away from their manager.  Meanwhile, overall employee engagement has been stuck for years around a meager 30%: Further, their research shows that managers, “account for at least 70% of the variance in employee engagement.” […]

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How Employees Can Drive Their Own Career Growth

your career path will be easier than a dilbert comic

You’re not alone. It’s not just you. The leading benefit that Millennials (and many others at work) want in a job is the opportunity for career growth and development. Studies by PwC: and Deloitte agree: Career growth and development are some of the top things people look for in jobs. Yet, most aren’t growing. Unfortunately, […]

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