How to thank your employees in 5 simple, effective ways

How to thank your employees - be like franklin d roosevelt and recognize there's more than money

“The only way to motivate people is with money.” This is the exact wrong mindset to have as a leader, but too many people think that’s the only way to thank your employees.  There’s a better way, especially this time of year. Whether you just celebrated the American holiday of Thanksgiving, or are getting ready […]

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How to get your team to open up to have awesome 1:1s

1:1s with introverts require a different approach as ben horowitz knows

“Nope.” “I don’t know.” *shrugs* 1:1s can be hard. It takes two people to have a great conversation. Even if you know what makes a great 1:1, you’re not guaranteed your team members will do their part and contribute. So what do you do when you have 1:1s with your team and someone isn’t engaging […]

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The 5 Major Pitfalls of Managing a Partially Remote Team

remote team members can easily feel out of the loop

More and more companies are embracing remote workers. As this happens the challenge becomes: how do you manage a remote team? And what do you do when half your team is with you in your office, and the other half are remote employees? For many managers, this is the new reality they must deal with. […]

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Launching Lighthouse: Bringing Great Management to the Masses

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” – Victor Hugo Today is our Demo Day at 500 Startups. We just completed their program to help us take Lighthouse to another level.  We also launched our software to make you a better manager, Lighthouse, on Product Hunt last week. After working closely […]

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3 Things that Don’t Belong in Your One on One Agenda

never put in a one on one agenda feedback you haven't discussed.

“So….how’s it going?” Asking a question like that is a weak way to start a one on one. The answer you get is only as strong as the will of your team member to want to share their feelings with you. Too often you’ll both accept “good” or “okay” and move on, until one day […]

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The Power of Repetition: the Secret of Successful Leaders

Leading by example is a big part of the power of repetition as Anne Wojcicki knows

“I’ve already said it, why would I need to repeat it?” It’s an innocent sounding thought, but it’s a dangerous one for any leader that wants to be truly effective. The power of repetition is any leader’s best friend. Repeating yourself may seem annoying to you at first, but it’s important to make sure your […]

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The Top Manager Mistake that Causes Turnover

A top manager will grow their people so they won't leave.

Being a top manager takes hard work and thoughtful action.  But it may be easier than you think. Over and over we see that managers are missing out on one habit that is essential to both attracting talent, and keeping them for the long term. The Top Manager Mistake Causing Turnover The top mistake managers […]

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Leadership Lessons for Managers from Kate Matsudaira

Kate Matsudaira knows you need to have your team work well with other teams

Kate Matsudaira has been leading engineering teams for over a decade. She’s worked at major companies like Amazon, and great startups like Decide (acquired by Ebay) and Moz. Through these experiences, she’s accumulated a lot of knowledge on leading and motivating teams. We recently interviewed Kate hoping to learn some of her secrets.  We were […]

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