Leadership Lessons for Managers from Kate Matsudaira

Kate Matsudaira knows you need to have your team work well with other teams

Kate Matsudaira has been leading engineering teams for over a decade. She’s worked at major companies like Amazon, and great startups like Decide (acquired by Ebay) and Moz. Through these experiences, she’s accumulated a lot of knowledge on leading and motivating teams. We recently interviewed Kate hoping to learn some of her secrets.  We were […]

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Red Auerbach’s Leadership Secret to Winning 9 titles in 11 Years

Red Auerbach secret to motivating teams

Red Auerbach is one of the all time great coaches in professional sports history. As head coach of the Boston Celtics, his teams won 9 titles in an incredible 11 year span. He also played an essential role in breaking the color barrier in the NBA in the 1950s by drafting the first African American, […]

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What to do when your One-on-Ones get too personal

too personal makes us uncomfortable

“Uhhhh… that’s a bit too personal,” she thought to herself as her team member started sharing a major personal issue they’re having. Her mind turned to the real heart of the question: “what do I do now?” We all know building rapport is important to strong working relationships with our teams. We need to care […]

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Why People Leave Managers, not Companies (and what to do about it)

people leave managers, not companies - sometimes you're getting away from a boss

“People leave managers, not companies” is a common refrain you’ll hear when corporate leadership is discussed. But is it really true? And if it is, why do people leave their managers? Missing the forest for the trees. When you hear why your friend took their new job, you often hear these kinds of rationalizations: “The […]

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Why Group 1 on 1s Don’t Work and Other Follies

no one looks forward to a group 1 on 1 with the Bobs

Managers are always coming up with creative approaches to try to help their teams. Unfortunately, some of those ideas do more harm than good. Group 1 on 1s are one such example. Group != 1 on 1 For many of you, you’ll be puzzled by this suggestion that 1 on 1s would be anything but […]

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How to stop being a bad leader and turn around a miserable team

“I found out I’m a bad leader and poorly manage my team. Out of 8 people, 3 are going to leave because of this. I really want to make things better and create a better company…what do I do?” A manager recently wrote that to us at Lighthouse. We felt his pain. We’ve been there […]

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5 Great Sam Walton Quotes on Leadership from Made in America

Sam Walton quotes from Made in America - you can learn from everybody

Sam Walton is one of the greatest retailers and entrepreneurs in the history of America. Starting with a few stores in small towns in Arkansas, he turned his tenacity for serving customers, and delivering deep discounts, into one of the largest businesses in the world. Shortly before his passing in 1992, he wrote his autobiography, […]

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How You Can Use the Elephant and the Rider to Motivate Your Team

the elephant and the rider is a helpful metaphor

The elephant and the rider. Imagine it. You’re probably picturing yourself or another person on top of an elephant like this: More than just a powerful, majestic image, this is a really helpful metaphor for how we all think and act. Psychology researcher and professor at the University of Virginia, Jonathan Haidt, coined this concept […]

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How a Bad Boss Turns their One on Ones into Torture

Bad managers don't know what David Cancel does about the value of 1 on 1s

A bad boss is usually a good person. There are many reasons that they can end up developing bad habits that lead to negative consequences for them and their team. Often, those problems then compound, forcing them into reactive management, fighting fires and dealing with major issues constantly.  This makes it even harder to turn […]

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