8 Best Professional Development Goals for Managers

Ever worked with an unhappy manager? Seen them frazzled, frustrated, or run down? Chances are, their team felt the same way. There’s even a name for this: the Cascade Effect. According to Gallup’s “State of the American Manager” report “Employees’ engagement is directly influenced by their managers’ engagement — whose engagement is directly influenced by […]

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74 Questions to Ask in One on Ones with a Manager

5 Ways to Keep Your Team Happy and Motivated in a Recession

What questions do you ask in one on ones with your manager? What about one on ones with managers that report to you? It’s important to understand that your one on ones with individual contributors reporting to you should be treated differently from those you’d have with the managers under you, and even more so […]

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7 Tips for First-Time Managers: How to Succeed as a New Manager

developing leaders means focusing on the we kate matsudaira

Congratulations! You’ve been promoted. Or maybe you’re starting a new job at a new company. Either way, you have a fresh start, and a new set of challenges. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so you want to make the most of it.  That’s why today we’re helping you with a […]

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11 Essential Tips for Managing Remote Employees

Are you ready to start to managing remote employees? You may be excited to take on your first remote team members– maybe an existing employee is going remote or you were hired to manage a fully distributed team– but are you familiar with the challenges that come with it? According to prolific angel investor and […]

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The 8 Best Books for New Managers on Leadership and Self-Improvement

the best leadership books can help new managers be great faster

“What do I do now? Where do I even begin???” If your company has a group of new managers, then it’s very likely many of them are thinking the above questions. Whether you were left to flounder when you started out as a manager, had some great help, or have never managed yourself, there’s a […]

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