The Best Leadership Books to Buy Your New Managers

the best leadership books can help new managers be great faster

“What do I do now? Where do I even begin???” A new year means promotions and new roles. If your company has a group of new managers, then it’s very likely many of them are thinking the above questions. Whether you were left to flounder when you started being a manager, had some great help, […]

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The Posts Managers Loved Most on Lighthouse in 2016

most loved posts

It’s about to be a New Year. 2017. Wow. Are you ready? Are you the manager you wanted to be by now? Relax. We can help you get ready for a great New Year, so you can be the manager you always wanted in 2017. We dug into our analytics and took a look at […]

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Why Bad Leaders Should Fear the Holidays

bad leaders give their team plenty to think about

Ah, the holidays are here and in full swing. Christmas and Hanukkah are here for many people (and a week or two away in the Orthodox Christian world), and New Years fast approaches as well. If you’re a good leader, now is a time to appreciate your team and give thanks for all that you’ve […]

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The surprising key to improving your performance appraisal process

late to the performance appraisal process is another dilbert problem

The performance appraisal process seems to be dreaded by everyone. It’s almost a cliche to hate on them at this point. Employees often are overwhelmed with too much feedback at once, or they’re left resenting a sparse performance appraisal. Meanwhile, managers struggle to complete all the performance appraisals they’re expected to diligently complete. Then, HR […]

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How to thank your employees in 5 simple, effective ways

How to thank your employees - be like franklin d roosevelt and recognize there's more than money

“The only way to motivate people is with money.” This is the exact wrong mindset to have as a leader, but too many people think that’s the only way to thank your employees.  There’s a better way, especially this time of year. Whether you just celebrated the American holiday of Thanksgiving, or are getting ready […]

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How to get your team to open up to have awesome 1:1s

1:1s with introverts require a different approach as ben horowitz knows

“Nope.” “I don’t know.” *shrugs* 1:1s can be hard. It takes two people to have a great conversation. Even if you know what makes a great 1:1, you’re not guaranteed your team members will do their part and contribute. So what do you do when you have 1:1s with your team and someone isn’t engaging […]

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The 5 Major Pitfalls of Managing a Partially Remote Team

remote team members can easily feel out of the loop

More and more companies are embracing remote workers. As this happens the challenge becomes: how do you manage a remote team? And what do you do when half your team is with you in your office, and the other half are remote employees? For many managers, this is the new reality they must deal with. […]

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Launching Lighthouse: Bringing Great Management to the Masses

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” – Victor Hugo Today is our Demo Day at 500 Startups. We just completed their program to help us take Lighthouse to another level.  We also launched our software to make you a better manager, Lighthouse, on Product Hunt last week. After working closely […]

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