The Definitive Answer: Who Really Owns a 1 on 1 Meeting?

1 on 1 meeting

Who really owns a 1 on 1 meeting? Is it the manager’s meeting? Is it the team member’s?  Who should be in charge of the agenda? If you read around, you’ll see people advocating for a lot of positions. I’ve seen some say, “It’s the team member’s meeting and their job to be adults and […]

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One on One Meeting Questions Great Managers Ask Their Teams

Why Your Employees Leave in Waves and How to Stop It - Employee turnover

One on one meetings are a cornerstone to any effective manager <-> team member relationship from small startups to giant companies. What you talk about, and the one on one meeting questions you ask, make all the difference in the performance of your team. It’s why Andy Grove, legendary founder of Intel and author of […]

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How to Work Remotely Like a Pro: Advice from a Veteran

Have you recently shifted to working remotely? Has it been a smooth process, or more of a bumpy ride? Getting into remote work is tricky. Making the switch from a regular co-located team to a fully remote team as many of us recently have had to do is particular difficult. Fortunately, these are well-known issues […]

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55 Skip Level Meeting Questions to Improve Your Managers and Engage Your Employees

the skip level meeting one on one is an essential time to ask questions of your team to learn and build relationships and lead

“The difference between mere management and leadership is communication.” – Winston Churchill As Winston Churchill captures well, good communication is central to success as a leader. When your organization grows to have layers between you and other team members, the skip level meeting becomes one of your best tools for effective communication. We recently took […]

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12 Questions to Ask Your Team to Become a Better Coach at Work

coach at work means building loyalty and caring for them

Ever had a great manager that invested time in helping you grow and develop? It felt great to have a coach at work, didn’t it? If not, chances are you taught yourself how to get better– whether that was your skills to be a great individual contributor or how to be a manager– through trial […]

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