Good Leader vs. Bad Leader: 5 Situations You Face Every Day

good leader vs. bad leader how ideas are treated

What’s the difference between a good leader vs. bad leader? What do the good leaders do differently? It’s an essential question every leader must ask themselves. Every leader faces challenges and situations every day that test their patience, skills, and mindset. There is no magical, drama-free team. What separates a good leader vs. bad leader […]

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How a Best Friend at Work can Really Help You and Your Team

best friend at work work bff paul george and russell westbrook

Do you have a best friend at work? Have you ever had a work BFF? If you’ve been lucky enough to have one, you know what a difference it can make. For a variety of reasons, it can make all the usual politics, challenges, and day to day ups and downs easier to navigate and […]

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Why Work-Life Balance Trumps the Hustle Hype

work-life balance is it possible or must you hustle like gary v

“I rarely get to see my kids. That’s a risk you have to take.” – Andrew Kemendo, Creator of Pair Last year, Apple Music launched a new show called Planet of the Apps.  It was like American Idol, but for software developers. Entrepreneurs had 60 seconds to pitch their app idea to celebrity judges in […]

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The Most Important Aspect of Task Relevant Maturity Many Leaders Forget

Your task relevant maturity includes what you don't know you don't know

Great leaders know how important Task Relevant Maturity is to having a high performing team. It’s the acknowledgement that one-size-fits-all leadership is a recipe for failure. Instead, you need to keep in mind the skills and experience level someone has for specific tasks. Then, you tailor your management approach to fit them. What is Task […]

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How Your Ego Can Make You a Bad Leader (+ what to do about it)

Jeffrey Immelt success theater from ego

“If you target his heel, he will die.” One of the most legendary heroes of Greek mythology was the soldier, Achilles. Known as, “the Greatest Warrior of the Iliad,” he was a masterful fighter in battle. His personality and leadership skills were equally extraordinary. Courageous, loyal, and inspiring, he and his troops conquered 23 cities without a […]

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How to Get Team Buy in for an Important Change You Want to Make

teaWhy Great Employees Quit: How to Keep a Good Employeeam buy in lead from the front in times of uncertainty like nelson mandela

“Why won’t they do this???” “How has there been no progress made on this?” “Why is this still happening?!” “What will it take to get team buy in to this and change?!?” If you’ve ever tried to get a group of people to change, you’ve felt this exasperation. This can be particular hard when you’re […]

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