The Fatal Flaws of 2 Kinds of Leaders (and what to do about it)

2 kinds of leaders cracks in their foundation with these flaws

There are 2 kinds of leaders in the world. On a bad day, many of us look like the former to some degree, and on great days, we are often the latter. How often we are each depends on your leadership style, and how much self awareness you have to understand how you affect others. […]

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Your Favorite Posts this Year from Lighthouse to Help You be a Better Leader

What have been your biggest challenges this year? If you’re a leader, you’ve probably faced some real doozies: maybe a team member had a major personal crisis, or you inherited a dysfunctional team, or you got promoted to a role that feels foreign to what you were doing before. Whatever your challenges, there’s probably been […]

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10 Interview Mistakes that Cost You Great Candidates

interview mistakes

We all want to hire the best, but we don’t always get the best to accept our offers.  Sometimes we lose out on them for reasons beyond our control (“Linkedin offered them $250,000 in stock options”), but there are also times it was totally under our control (“I didn’t hear from you for 2 weeks […]

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5 Ways Introverted Leadership can make You a Great Manager

introverted leadership can work, too

You have the chance to ask Bill Gates, the billionaire founder of Microsoft, one question. What would you ask? If you’re a young man in Australia, you ask a deeply personal question: “How have you managed to succeed in a predominantly extroverted world and how can the education system, with its increasingly extroverted ideals, harness […]

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Good Leader vs. Bad Leader: 5 Situations You Face Every Day

good leader vs. bad leader how ideas are treated

What’s the difference between a good leader vs. bad leader? What do the good leaders do differently? It’s an essential question every leader must ask themselves. Every leader faces challenges and situations every day that test their patience, skills, and mindset. There is no magical, drama-free team. What separates a good leader vs. bad leader […]

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