Why You Should Prioritize Psychological Safety to have an Innovative Team

psychological safety must be part of your culture

The huge success of Google and their Adwords product has allowed them to ask some of the biggest questions that every company wants to know. None are bigger than the age-old, “What makes a great, successful team?” Because they have the money ($32 billion in revenue), resources (dedicated People Ops and Analytics orgs), and scale […]

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The Hardest Skill of All for Managers to Learn and Build

self awareness requires taking time to reflect

To be a great leader, you need to develop many skills: emotional intelligence, the art of giving good feedback, influencing others, managing up, and more. Yet, above all those skills is one that with it, will carry you far, and without it, you will struggle. It’s one that gets harder the busier you get, and […]

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Why Constructive Discontent Is the Ultimate Competitive Advantage

constructive discontent jan timmer

“That is the worst thing that can happen to a company,” said Wisse Dekker.   He’s the former president of Dutch electronics company, Philips.   In 1990, he resigned after the company barely earned $3 million dollars in their first quarter. This was horrendous compared to the $130 million earned in the previous year.   Dekker […]

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How Cultural Change Helped Theo Epstein end a 100 year Curse

culture transformation led to the cubs world series win

The Chicago Cubs were “the Lovable Losers” of Major League Baseball. For over a century, the Cubs failed to win a World Series Championship year after year after year. The team was plagued by bad trades and consistent losses. Even notable players like Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg, and legendary slugger Sammy Sosa couldn’t save […]

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How Great Leaders Develop Mental Toughness to Thrive

more hbr on mental toughness sources

Viktor Frankl was an Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist. He was also a Holocaust survivor. In 1945, he, his wife, and his parents were sent to the Theresienstadt Ghetto in Czechoslovakia. As Frankl was transferred to a variety of concentration camps, he and his family became separated. Tragically, they all perished, while Frankl was saved by Allied forces in […]

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What to do When Your Employees Ask for a Raise

ask for a raise here's what to do

It’s mid afternoon. Thomas walks up to you and says, “Can we talk for a minute?” Surprised, you invite them in to talk. Your mind starts running through the possible things they could want to discuss. You hope it’s just an innocent question as you have that meeting in 15 minutes. As your mind races, […]

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What’s the Secret Habit of High Performing Leaders?

high performing leaders invest in themselves like Lebron does

When you hear “Lebron James,” you think superstar athlete. But, how about high performing leader? Rarely do people make the connection between James and big tech CEOs like Jeff Bezos and Brian Chesky. However, Fortune Magazine highlighted all of these men in their 2017’s World’s Greatest Leaders list. The magazine realized that they shared a common trait: […]

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Advice for Managing Up at Work from Experienced Leaders

managing up is a key skill to succeed

How do I look good to my boss? How do I stay on the same page as them? What do I do to avoid unwanted surprises with my manager? What are the best approaches to managing up well? These are common questions mid level leaders and individual contributors alike ask themselves when they start working […]

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Become an Effective Leader by Mastering this One Skill…

emotional intelligence and being an effective leader means avoiding narcissism

 What makes an effective leader? Typical answers include: a high IQ, a “hustle” attitude, and a big personality. But today, many experts are embracing another answer: high emotional intelligence. The concept of emotional intelligence or the emotional quotient (EQ) is relatively new. But, it’s the skill separating an average manager from an effective leader that […]

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