Essential Tips for for Managing Generational Differences in the Workplace

Managing Generational Differences tips

For the first time in modern U.S. history, leaders have to manage an incredible four generations: Baby boomers: 1946-1964, ages 55-73 Generation X: 1965-1983, ages 36-54 Generation Y / Millennials: 1984-1996, ages 23-35 Generation Z / Gen 2020: 1997-mid-2000s, ages mid-teens-22 And, if you include Traditionalists (or The Silent Generation), there aren’t four, but five […]

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8 Ways to Address Your Workplace Stress You Can Start Today

Stress is something we all face every day. Whether the source is at home or at work, with your team, or your own tasks, it’s easy to get the best of you. Workplace stress in particular can be tough. There’s things we all deal with that are beyond our control that can make work harder […]

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3 Lessons on Resilience that Will Make Your Tough Times Easier

your reslience comes from learning from tough situations

“Shame her business has just gone under,” says an article’s headline in The Independent. The story is about Rachel Lowe. A toy developer and entrepreneur from the U.K. She once rejoiced in the millions of dollars she generated from her board game, Destination. She even landed deals with major studios like Walt Disney and Warner […]

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Why You Should be a More Understanding Manager

nelson mandela was an understanding manager

“Forgiveness liberates the soul, it removes fear. That’s why it’s such a powerful weapon.” In 1964, a young and fierce activist was sentenced to life in prison. However, while alone in the darkness, he found hope. Hope that would inspire people of different races, beliefs, and classes. The activist’s name was Nelson Mandela. He fought […]

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How to Get Buy in at Work: a Step by Step Guide

get buy in dilbert status updates that matter

Years ago, while working at another tech startup, I experienced one of the most uncomfortable meetings of my life. A coworker was making her pitch for a new website design. Her idea was good, and yet, the discussion grew tense as various people, (including the CEO) got hung up on mundane details about the navigation. […]

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The Fatal Flaws of 2 Kinds of Leaders (and what to do about it)

2 kinds of leaders cracks in their foundation with these flaws

There are 2 kinds of leaders in the world. On a bad day, many of us look like the former to some degree, and on great days, we are often the latter. How often we are each depends on your leadership style, and how much self awareness you have to understand how you affect others. […]

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Your Favorite Posts this Year from Lighthouse to Help You be a Better Leader

What have been your biggest challenges this year? If you’re a leader, you’ve probably faced some real doozies: maybe a team member had a major personal crisis, or you inherited a dysfunctional team, or you got promoted to a role that feels foreign to what you were doing before. Whatever your challenges, there’s probably been […]

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10 Interview Mistakes that Cost You Great Candidates

interview mistakes

We all want to hire the best, but we don’t always get the best to accept our offers.  Sometimes we lose out on them for reasons beyond our control (“Linkedin offered them $250,000 in stock options”), but there are also times it was totally under our control (“I didn’t hear from you for 2 weeks […]

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5 Ways Introverted Leadership can make You a Great Manager

introverted leadership can work, too

You have the chance to ask Bill Gates, the billionaire founder of Microsoft, one question. What would you ask? If you’re a young man in Australia, you ask a deeply personal question: “How have you managed to succeed in a predominantly extroverted world and how can the education system, with its increasingly extroverted ideals, harness […]

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