How to Convince Your Boss to Start 1 on 1s with You

how to convince your boss to start 1 on 1s

A Lighthouse reader emailed recently asking the important question, “How can I set up expectations each way without sounding like a child when I say, “I’d like weekly one-on-ones!” First of all, it’s a very mature decision to ask for 1 on 1s; you are telling your manager you want to have strong, effective, structured […]

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5 Awesome & Unconventional Books for Leaders to Learn From

books for leaders win bigly

“Business books are all the same. A few good ideas and 100 pages of fluff.” If you or a friend reads regularly, you may be plagued by this unfortunate fact of life for many of the most common books for leaders. Andy Grove, legendary CEO of Intel, even went so far as to write about […]

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Two Key Words to Remember that will Help You Be a Great Manager

a great manager knows the power of the right word

What could make you a great manager without major changes? How could just a couple words have that kind of impact? Believe it or not, I already used both words in this post. And if you start using them more, you can be a great manager, too. Today, we tackle why these words matter, and […]

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Nails in the Coffin: Why a Flat Organizational Structure Fails

the death of the flat organizational structure

A few years ago, having a flat organizational structure was all the rage. Well-known companies like Zappos, Medium, and Buffer were singing its praises and writing detailed posts explaining their reasoning. Tired of bad bosses, and corporate politics, the internet rejoiced. On paper it sounded so great. Why do we need managers? Who needs structure? […]

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9 Inspiring Quotes for Managers to Learn from & Reflect on

quotes for managers - learn llike JFK

“I apologize for the length of this letter; I didn’t have time to make it shorter.” – Mark Twain Mark Twain was right. It takes effort to make a good point in just a few words. That’s part of the beauty of Twitter; the character limit forces those sharing thoughts to be concise. Today, we’re […]

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How to Give Constructive Feedback to Motivate and Improve Your Team

constructive feedback can make all the difference

“(Sigh…) Why didn’t you tell me about this issue sooner?!?” If you’ve ever received a surprise in your performance review, you’ve said (or thought) exactly that. Few things are as frustrating as feeling you didn’t receive constructive feedback when you needed it, and instead are punished by it at review time. Knowing this, as a […]

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10 Terrible Gifts for Boss’s Day for the Horrible Boss in Your Life

gifts for boss's day - mr burns mystery gift

“Uh oh…sounds like somebody has a case of the Mondays!” If you’ve ever had a job you hated coming to work for each day, you know the feeling behind that statement from the iconic workplace comedy, Office Space. Fittingly, Boss’s Day is Monday, October 16th. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate the boss that ruins their […]

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How to Keep Your Team Engaged When You Have Low Morale at Work

andy grove knows what it takes to fight low morale

At many companies, low morale is a fact of life. Any number of problems can stifle people, leaving them unmotivated and struggling to do their job. As a manager, you may feel low morale yourself; no one is immune to the harsh realities of the modern workplace. Gallup’s engagement stats show us year after year […]

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3 Leadership Stories to Help You be a Better Manager

leadership stories are a great way to learn as a manager

“Management isn’t some skill like drawing where you can just practice in isolation for hours and hours on end. You need to have the opportunity to be stretched in certain situations in order to learn and grow.“ – Julie Zhuo, Product Design VP at Facebook Learning leadership skills can be a steep challenge. Much of […]

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