The most important, yet overlooked management skill

Management skill - Brian Grazer on curiosity in managing

Ask 5 people what makes a good manager, and you’ll get a list of at least a dozen characteristics. Yet, if you wanted to project success for them, there is one management skill that rises above the others: curiosity. Here’s why: Curiosity is a mindset, and it is a skill. The art of asking the right […]

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5 Simple Approaches to Keep Your Composure in Difficult Situations

keep your composure. don't freak out liek this guy

One of the biggest challenges of being a manager is developing self-awareness. The attitude you show, the approaches you use in various situations, and the way that you carry yourself are all picked up by your team. It can be hard to always keep your composure, but that’s what your team needs. No one expects […]

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Having bad one to one meetings? Here’s how to turn them around

If your one to one meetings aren’t going well, deep down, you probably know it. Some (or all) of the following are probably true then: Empty talk: Meetings are filled with idle chatter or work projects, without talking about any issues important to them. Bare minimum answers: When you ask questions your team member freezes […]

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Why Managers Need to Take Notes to be Successful

“I have a very specific management style. I put my team in charge of it all.” He said as he put his feet on the table, leaning back with his hands crossed behind his head, elbows out to either side. He didn’t believe he should take notes, and believed his hands-off approach allowed, “a very […]

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Essential Lessons from Laszlo Bock in Work Rules

What if you could build a workplace exactly like Google’s? Wouldn’t it be great? Actually, it probably wouldn’t. Every company has it’s own personality, values, and ways of doing things. If you tried to force some other company’s culture on yours, it would be as out of place and unwelcome as this: Yet…Great artists steal. […]

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How to be a better manager by remembering 5 simple phrases

How to be a better manager: Indra Nooyi CEO of Pepsi on assuming positive intent of others

It’s not easy being a manager. You’re often overbooked with meetings, fighting fires, and balancing the needs of your team.  When the stress piles up, it can be natural to fall back on instincts and away from good habits that generate positive results. With a shortage of time, the question becomes how to be a […]

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Why you need one on one software for your managers

Software is eating the world, or so Marc Andreessen proclaimed in the Wall Street Journal in 2011. Over the last decade, we’ve seen software eat photography (Instagram), file sharing (Dropbox & Box), getting a taxi (Uber & Lyft), and many more consumer and business areas. Yet, people management has been stuck in the stone age […]

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