The 3 Simple Words to Better Managing Your Team

managing expectations means finding problems when they're small

“I wish you had told me that last week! We *just* finished planning out everything for the big project and that would have been *really* helpful to know. This affects a lot of people…(sigh)…Now I have to go tell everyone…” Ever been bitten by mismanaged expectations? Situations like above are all too common and have […]

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The one word that should scare every manager.

Google Management survey question Team feedback - Millennials want more feedback

Silence. It’s easy to take for granted that not hearing anything is a good thing. That being hands off as a manager means your team is happy because you’re not micro-managing them. Yet, there’s a fatal flaw in that approach. Not micro-managing, and communicating sufficiently are two very different things. If you’re not giving your […]

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Employee Retention: The Keys to Long, Happy Working Relationships

employee retention can lead to team members finding the door

As soon as you start growing your team, a key focus of any leader must be retention; replacing an employee is expensive both financially (as much as $65,000) as well as due to lost productivity for your team. With retention being such a crucial issue as the economy recovers and job hopping becomes easier, we […]

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What Managers Must Know from the Gallup Employee Engagement Survey

one to one meetings can help detect warning signs someone isn't engaged

Every year, the Gallup Employee Engagement survey reveals insightful findings at a scale few can achieve. It helps inform leaders, managers, and HR departments what’s going on at a meta level across America when it comes to employee trends in engagement, motivation, and interests.  This year’s report focused in particular on managers and is a […]

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How to Win an Argument at Work

Win an Argument by avoiding it

“There is only one way under high heaven to get the best of an argument – and that is to avoid it.” – Dale Carnegie, author How to Win Friends and Influence People If you want to win an argument, the first thing you have to accept is that winning means everyone loses. The byproducts […]

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Why Managers Should Take a Break

Take a break and go read in a park

In our culture, it’s easy to glorify the workaholics that never take a break.  I’ve heard friends half-exhausted, half like a badge of honor, talk about how they were in meetings from 9am to 5pm. But is that healthy? Is it the best use of your time? It’s very easy to fall into reactive management. […]

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Peer One on Ones: How to Unlock Great Collaboration Across Teams

“…The team appears to be more energized and I’m finding myself more confident in leading each individual. I’ve also extended the format to include PMs who I work with closely to also touch base and to achieve a similar outcome of trust building and alignment. So far it’s been positive.” A Design Director wrote that […]

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10 Key Ed Catmull Quotes on Leadership from Creativity, Inc

In Silicon Valley, we lionize and deeply study the founders of some of the greatest companies built here. And with good reason: when you change an industry and build a multi-billion dollar company that reaches millions, you must be doing something right. When you think about those characteristics, names like Jobs & Wozniak (Apple), Musk […]

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Why everything breaks when you reach 25 employees

Ben Horowitz "Perhaps the CEO’s most important operational responsibility is designing and implementing the communication architecture for her company. Absent a well-designed communication architecture, information and ideas will stagnate and your company will degenerate into a bad place to work."

Congratulations! Your company is growing and you’ve hired a great team. They’ve helped take your fledgling idea and make it more than just a reality, but a bonafide business with revenue that requires commas, an office, and passionate, happy customers.  Unfortunately, the hard work is just beginning.  As a wise friend once told me, “every […]

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