The 3 Key Mindsets of Great Managers

Peter Drucker on management vs Leadership

When you take the leap from individual contributor to managing a team, a lot changes. Your day to day is suddenly filled with meetings and you become accountable for not just yourself, but the results of everyone on your team.  Unfortunately, many of the skills you learned in being great at your own job do […]

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5 Ways to be a Better Manager in 5 Minutes or Less

In just 5 minutes you could be a better manager

Being a manager is tough. You’re constantly in meetings, putting out fires, and dealing with people and projects competing for your attention.  As you become more reactive to these things, it becomes harder to do the things you know you should do. Often, it’s small, meaningful gestures that have the greatest impact. Think about how […]

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Why Your Customer Success Team is Your Secret Recruiting Weapon

Your Recruiting Secret Weapon: Customer Success

Much has been written about how Support, aka Customer Success, teams can be critical to the success of your company. A great Customer Success team will delight and help retain your customer base, turning difficult situations into moments of happiness for your customers. They’ll improve your bottom line and your brand, all while dealing with […]

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10 Essential Tips for Managing Remote Employees

Remote Employees love swag for the whole family

In today’s global economy there are skilled people around the world that can help you build your company.  With the competitiveness in hiring talented people in tech epicenters, it becomes all the more enticing to hire people in other cities, states and countries to join your team. Adding these remote employees to your team present […]

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Why you might be doing one on ones wrong and what to do about it

Do you cancel your one on ones often? Are you “super efficient” and get them done in 15 minutes? Do you have one on ones less than once a month with each report? If answered “yes” to any of those, then you’re doing your one on ones wrong. Here’s why. What you don’t know will hurt you. Is […]

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Why don’t we reward good managers?

We all know management is important, and yet, it has not changed the largely dismal outlook of management: 70% of American workers are disengaged. Poor management is largely to blame. People don’t leave companies, they leave bad managers. As I’ve spoken to managers and employees, it’s amazing how often I hear about managers that ignore […]

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