Manager’s Guide: How to start one on ones with your team

The best time to start a one on one is in the past, the best time to start one on ones is now.

What’s true for trees is also true for starting one on ones.  If you aren’t having one on ones with your team, you’re missing out on an incredible motivating, problem solving, pressure relieving opportunity to help and grow your team.  But even if you’re totally bought into starting them, it can be intimidating to actually […]

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How to Help Your Team Achieve Their Goals

Climb the mountain of people's goals

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” – Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric 1981-2001. One of the most motivating and transformational conversations a manager can have with a team member is about that person’s goals. Not company KPIs, […]

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10 Myths About One on One Meetings

One on one meetings have many myths we dispel

While many leaders like Andy Grove of Intel, Ben Horowitz of A16Z, and Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman swear by one on one meetings, there are many managers and leaders that doubt their importance and choose not to have them. A big part of this doubt is often due to bad experiences they’ve had with one […]

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The Secret to Long Term Happiness for Your Team

Even older team members have personal goals

As a manager, you have direct control over the happiness and well-being of your team. Sometimes that means rewarding your best people. Other times it’s fixing problems. Or, it can be protecting your team from distraction, annoyance, or corporate BS. While dealing with all of that day to day, week to week, and month to […]

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3 Books Every Manager Should Read

Books for Managers: How to win friends and influence people

Whether you’re looking for a great holiday gift for a new manager in your life, or just want to help yourself become a better leader, books are a great source of learning. I’ve read a lot and these are all timeless classic that came highly recommended. These books compliment one another by covering key areas […]

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How to Develop the Next Generation of Leaders in Your Organization

How do you handle tough management situations at work? Is that how other managers around you handle it? Does every manager have their own system or are there some standards or best practices everyone in the company follows?  Who do people look to for an example of how to act when they’re leading? It’s great […]

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10 Key Andy Grove Quotes on Leadership from High Output Management

Andy Grove Quotes on Leadership

Andy Grove is one of best CEOs ever. He co-founded Intel and grew it to over $20 Billion in revenue over a 30 year run as CEO. His approaches to leadership and management are legendary. He’s shared many of his ideas in a series of books, including the management guide, High Output Management.  I highly […]

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Manager Minute: What Lunch Can Teach You About Leading by Example

A team lunch can teach you a lot about leading by example

Most managers don’t have a lot in common with a superhero like Batman, but this quote from Batman Begins definitely applies. As a leader, what you write and say to your team matters, but nothing is more powerful than the example you set. “Do what I say, not what I do.” We’ve all had that […]

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Why Your Employees Leave in Waves and How to Stop It

Employee turnover can happen in waves

“Wait…You’re leaving, too?” I still remember the total surprise my coworker and I felt when we discovered that we were both leaving the company within days of each other without ever having talked about it. Years later, I’ve met many friends who have been on both sides of employee turnover waves and I’ve learned they’re […]

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Why You Should Never Cancel Your One-on-Ones (and the only good reason to)

Managers may not realize their power dynamic over their team members

“Ninety minutes of your time can enhance the quality of your subordinate’s work for two weeks, or for some eighty-plus hours.” – Andy Grove in High Output Management on the value of one-on-ones Andy Grove knows a thing or two about good investments; as CEO, he grew Intel by 4,500% in market capitalization from $4 billion […]

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