Software that makes your managers great.

People leave managers, not companies. Lighthouse helps your managers improve employee engagement, reduce turnover, and boost performance.

Make great management habits stick.

People leave managers, not companies. You do your best to train your managers to lead their teams well, but there's only so much you can learn in the classroom.

Lighthouse software gives your managers the tools they need to more easily, and consistently, support their teams in the key areas research shows are essential to retaining and growing great talent.

Management Habits
Improved Retention

See who your best & worst managers are and take action

Take action immediately instead of waiting for costly tunover to reveal there's a problem with a manager.

Lighthouse helps you be proactive. See at a glance how all your managers are doing on essential habits to retain their teams. Recognize who is doing a great job, and reach out to help those struggling.

Improve your reviews with consistently effective 1 on 1's.

Write more meaningful performance reviews by reflecting on notes from your 1 on 1s all year.

Then make your reviews more effective by continuing the performance conversation in future 1 on 1's, and by setting new goals. This ensures that you always cover new ground in your future reviews.

360 Reviews
Better Knowledge Transfers

Reduce morale drops during re-orgs with Lighthouse transfers.

Changing managers can be a frustrating experience for employees. They have to build a new relationship with their manager, and restart career growth discussions from scratch.

With Lighthouse, new managers can pick up where the last manager left off. Instantly transfer key 1 on 1 notes and career growth plans to their new manager.

Get peace of mind with easy oversight and export.

With HR access, you can drill into any team member to ensure their manager is having effective, documented 1 on 1's.

You can also save an export for your records if anyone leaves or you need to save Lighthouse data in another system.

Easy Exports
Performance Reviews

Better Performance Reviews

Lighthouse 1 on 1s give your managers great topics to reflect on at review time.

Performance Discussions

Ongoing Performance Discussions

Great 1 on 1s continue feedback & performance discussions year round.

Improved Retention

Improved Retention

Lighthouse focuses your managers on the key behaviors that drive performance and reduce turnover.

We work with the tools your managers already use:

Microsoft Outlook Integration
Google Calendar Integration
Slack Integration
Omnifocus Integration
Trello Integration
ToDoist Integration

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