Make your managers
great coaches Great coaches have happier, higher performing teams.

Do your employees have great managers?

Hogan Assessments [1] 75 %

of employees consider their direct boss to be the worst part of their job.

Getting away from a bad boss is only a click away

National Board of
Economic Research [2]
65 %

of employees would take a new manager over a pay raise.

A good manager is worth more than money

The costs add up fast

At your company, for every:

100 employees, with an average revenue per employee of $100,000 per year

Your annual losses are:

$2.2 million from disengagement [3] and
$1.31 million from turnover [4] .

Every day, your company is losing:


because of bad managers

Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things. - Peter Drucker
Leadership Expert & Author

Good managers prevent turnover
and elevate performance what do they do differently?


Successful managers have effective 1 on 1 communication to maintain constant motivation of their teams.


Good managers know the #1 perk their teams want is to grow in their roles & responsibilities.


Employees want feedback and praise throughout the year, not just during one or two reviews.

How can you make all
of your managers great coaches?

Reasons most efforts come up short

Lack of Retention

You spend all that money on training, and everyone is excited that day. Unfortunately, little of it is remembered or put into practice when they go back to their desks.


Lack of Use

You can buy a ton of features, but if no one uses them, does it really help? Performance management systems aren’t built with managers in mind.

Lack of Measurement

If you don’t measure your managers, how will you know if they’re good coaches? When you have turnover and morale issues it’s too late to save that team.

When you name the wrong person manager, nothing fixes that bad decision. Not compensation, not benefits -- nothing. - Jim Clifton
Chairman and CEO, Gallup

Continuously improve your managers
with Lighthouse


Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your managers with a report through the Lighthouse benchmarking system:
The Manager Score™


Lighthouse’s partners train your managers to improve their skills in coaching, feedback, productivity, and 1 on 1s.


Lighthouse is built with your managers in mind so they can be great coaches and drive performance.

Succeed With Lighthouse

For HR Leaders & Execs:

An end-to-end solution for benchmarking, training, and continuing improvement.

Software that provides you easy analytics, oversight, and personalized support from the Lighthouse Team.

For Your Managers:

Relevant training that helps managers gain skills to become great coaches that they can practice in Lighthouse.

Lighthouse is an easy and effective app that brings their training full circle by helping managers benchmark themselves, and apply their new skills.

For Your Employees:

Stonger relationships with their managers, improved engagement, and progress tracking.

An overall better experience working for your company, decreasing the liklihood of turnover, and improving accountability.

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