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Find out where you stand with your direct reports & discover how to improve as a manager

With your Manager Score™ you get:

Proven Questions and Methodology We ask your team questions based on research that Google, Gallup, Deloitte, and others show are the key behaviors for great managers of high performing teams.

Know where you stand Our anonymous survey helps you understand how you’re doing in ways your team may not bring up directly with you.

Actionable advice to improve Based on your results, we give you specific, actionable advice and further reading on how you can improve with your team.

Track your progress With just a few clicks, you can run Manager Scores™ every quarter to track your improvement.

* Great for senior leaders You can’t be everywhere all the time. With Manager Scores™ for a group of managers you can see where to focus your coaching, identify patterns & problem areas across teams, and act on turnover risks before people quit a bad manager.


After signing up, you'll enter your team so we can ask them to complete our short, multiple choice survey. What do we ask your team?
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Your team will have 5 days to answer the questions in the survey. We will remind them as the deadline approaches.
Anonymity and quality results A minimum of 4 team members are needed to complete the survey, to ensure that:
  • The privacy and anonymity of your team's answers are preserved
  • That your score is representative of your entire team
Anonymous Team Member

The Lighthouse Manager Score™ survey was an easy, anonymous way to let my manager know how I felt they were doing. The questions focused on areas important to me that I have a hard time bringing up on my own.


We will email you when your Manager Score™ is ready so you can discover what your strengths and weaknesses are as a leader.
Bonus! With your score you'll also receive specific advice on how to improve. These are based on the latest workplace research from institutions like Harvard and Stanford, with best practices from great leaders regularly covered on the Get Lighthouse™ blog.
Zac Cramer CEO, IT Assurance

People quit managers, not companies, so I need to know about manager problems, before people start leaving. The Lighthouse Manager Score™ helped us quickly and easily learn our managers' strengths I should applaud, and weaknesses I need to help them improve.

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