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Employee Retention: The Keys to Long, Happy Working Relationships

employee retention can lead to team members finding the door

As soon as you start growing your team, a key focus of any leader must be retention; replacing an employee is expensive both financially (as much as $65,000) as well as due to lost productivity for your team. With retention being such a crucial issue as the economy recovers and job hopping becomes easier, we […]

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5 Great TED Talks for Managers

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” – John F. Kennedy Becoming a manager means learning a whole new set of skills.  This learning is an ongoing journey likely for the rest of your career as you face new challenges and opportunities. There are many ways to learn new tactics and skills for managing […]

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The Secret to Long Term Happiness for Your Team

Even older team members have personal goals

As a manager, you have direct control over the happiness and well-being of your team. Sometimes that means rewarding your best people. Other times it’s fixing problems. Or, it can be protecting your team from distraction, annoyance, or corporate BS. While dealing with all of that day to day, week to week, and month to […]

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10 Key Andy Grove Quotes on Leadership from High Output Management

Andy Grove Quotes on Leadership

Andy Grove is one of best CEOs ever. He co-founded Intel and grew it to over $20 Billion in revenue over a 30 year run as CEO. His approaches to leadership and management are legendary. He’s shared many of his ideas in a series of books, including the management guide, High Output Management.  I highly […]

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7 Leadership Lessons I Learned from My Managers

Read 100 books and you'll fill a bookshelf.

“Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.” – Otto Von Bismarck I’ve always loved this quote from the former Prime Minister of Prussia.  I try to look for lessons to learn all around me, whether they’re good or bad. Fortunately, not every lesson is a […]

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The 3 Key Mindsets of Great Managers

Peter Drucker on management vs Leadership

When you take the leap from individual contributor to managing a team, a lot changes. Your day to day is suddenly filled with meetings and you become accountable for not just yourself, but the results of everyone on your team.  Unfortunately, many of the skills you learned in being great at your own job do […]

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5 Ways to be a Better Manager in 5 Minutes or Less

In just 5 minutes you could be a better manager

Being a manager is tough. You’re constantly in meetings, putting out fires, and dealing with people and projects competing for your attention.  As you become more reactive to these things, it becomes harder to do the things you know you should do. Often, it’s small, meaningful gestures that have the greatest impact. Think about how […]

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