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Your Favorite Posts this Year from Lighthouse to Help You be a Better Leader

What have been your biggest challenges this year? If you’re a leader, you’ve probably faced some real doozies: maybe a team member had a major personal crisis, or you inherited a dysfunctional team, or you got promoted to a role that feels foreign to what you were doing before. Whatever your challenges, there’s probably been […]

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10 Interview Mistakes that Cost You Great Candidates

interview mistakes

We all want to hire the best, but we don’t always get the best to accept our offers.  Sometimes we lose out on them for reasons beyond our control (“Linkedin offered them $250,000 in stock options”), but there are also times it was totally under our control (“I didn’t hear from you for 2 weeks […]

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Why Work-Life Balance Trumps the Hustle Hype

work-life balance is it possible or must you hustle like gary v

“I rarely get to see my kids. That’s a risk you have to take.” – Andrew Kemendo, Creator of Pair Last year, Apple Music launched a new show called Planet of the Apps.  It was like American Idol, but for software developers. Entrepreneurs had 60 seconds to pitch their app idea to celebrity judges in […]

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How Your Ego Can Make You a Bad Leader (+ what to do about it)

Jeffrey Immelt success theater from ego

“If you target his heel, he will die.” One of the most legendary heroes of Greek mythology was the soldier, Achilles. Known as, “the Greatest Warrior of the Iliad,” he was a masterful fighter in battle. His personality and leadership skills were equally extraordinary. Courageous, loyal, and inspiring, he and his troops conquered 23 cities without a […]

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The Hardest Skill of All for Managers to Learn and Build

self awareness requires taking time to reflect

To be a great leader, you need to develop many skills: emotional intelligence, the art of giving good feedback, influencing others, managing up, and more. Yet, above all those skills is one that with it, will carry you far, and without it, you will struggle. It’s one that gets harder the busier you get, and […]

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What’s the Secret Habit of High Performing Leaders?

high performing leaders invest in themselves like Lebron does

When you hear “Lebron James,” you think superstar athlete. But, how about high performing leader? Rarely do people make the connection between James and big tech CEOs like Jeff Bezos and Brian Chesky. However, Fortune Magazine highlighted all of these men in their 2017’s World’s Greatest Leaders list. The magazine realized that they shared a common trait: […]

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Become an Effective Leader by Mastering this One Skill…

emotional intelligence and being an effective leader means avoiding narcissism

 What makes an effective leader? Typical answers include: a high IQ, a “hustle” attitude, and a big personality. But today, many experts are embracing another answer: high emotional intelligence. The concept of emotional intelligence or the emotional quotient (EQ) is relatively new. But, it’s the skill separating an average manager from an effective leader that […]

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The Key Interview Tactic that will Help You Hire Great Employees

find great candidates with this interview tactic

“Hire slow, fire fast.” If you’ve read anything on hiring, you’ve probably heard that mantra. It’s one of those sayings that gets injected into most hiring process conversations at some point. Whether you agree with it, or despise it, you’re still left with the same question: how do I make better hiring decisions? What interview […]

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