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Skip Level Meetings: Everything you need to know about Skip Level 1 on 1s

skip level meeting is all about communication as ben horowitz knows

How are my managers really doing? What’s really happening in my organization? What do my people really think? Am I missing anything important? Whether you’re a veteran leader or brand new to having real hierarchy below you, these kinds of questions are likely to be on your mind often. The more removed from the day-to-day […]

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82 Ways How to Build Rapport With Anyone You Work With

how to build rapport at work - camille fournier knows how important it is

Rapport is the foundation of any great relationship. Having something in common with another person instantly builds a connection that makes us human; we have big brains because humans are social creatures designed to build and maintain many relationships so we can work together. Why it’s so important to build rapport with your team Unfortunately, […]

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How to Become a Manager: A Guide for Aspiring Leaders

how to become a manager - me to we

Ever thought about becoming a manager? Want to know what it takes and how to move up from your individual contributor role? Becoming a manager opens a whole new world of opportunity. With the right mindset and skills, you’ll find it is interesting, challenging, and rewarding. It also comes with new responsibility and usually higher […]

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How to Help Your Team Achieve Their Goals

Climb the mountain of people's goals

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” – Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric 1981-2001. One of the most powerful conversations you can have as a manager with a team member is about their goals. Not company KPIs, not […]

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Why You Want Your Employees to have Side Projects

side project late at night

If you’ve ever hired anyone, you know there’s a few key skills you’d like every candidate to have: experience at the key tasks of the job, an ability to learn and level up quickly, and efficient with their time. The vast majority of people that tend to check all those boxes have something in common: […]

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Lessons from the Leadership Trenches: Zac Cramer of IT Assurance

Some lessons are learned in a classroom. Others, you learn from a book. And some of the hardest lessons come from the school of experience. Zac Cramer is an entrepreneur like many of the readers of the Lighthouse blog. By chance, he and I had a conversation about how his business is doing and some […]

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Essential Tips for for Managing Generational Differences in the Workplace

Managing Generational Differences tips

For the first time in modern U.S. history, leaders have to manage an incredible four generations: Baby boomers: 1946-1964, ages 55-73 Generation X: 1965-1983, ages 36-54 Generation Y / Millennials: 1984-1996, ages 23-35 Generation Z / Gen 2020: 1997-mid-2000s, ages mid-teens-22 And, if you include Traditionalists (or The Silent Generation), there aren’t four, but five […]

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3 Lessons on Resilience that Will Make Your Tough Times Easier

your reslience comes from learning from tough situations

“Shame her business has just gone under,” says an article’s headline in The Independent. The story is about Rachel Lowe. A toy developer and entrepreneur from the U.K. She once rejoiced in the millions of dollars she generated from her board game, Destination. She even landed deals with major studios like Walt Disney and Warner […]

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Why You Should be a More Understanding Manager

nelson mandela was an understanding manager

“Forgiveness liberates the soul, it removes fear. That’s why it’s such a powerful weapon.” In 1964, a young and fierce activist was sentenced to life in prison. However, while alone in the darkness, he found hope. Hope that would inspire people of different races, beliefs, and classes. The activist’s name was Nelson Mandela. He fought […]

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