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How a Bad Boss Turns their One on Ones into Torture

Bad managers don't know what David Cancel does about the value of 1 on 1s

A bad boss is usually a good person. There are many reasons that they can end up developing bad habits that lead to negative consequences for them and their team. Often, those problems then compound, forcing them into reactive management, fighting fires and dealing with major issues constantly.  This makes it even harder to turn […]

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51 Questions to Ask in One on Ones with a Manager

What questions do you ask in one on ones with your managers? It’s critical you make the most of your time meeting with them. When you’re at the level in an organization where you manage others who also manage, your impact is exponential; not only do your efforts improve or hurt your team, but it […]

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How to take notes in your one on ones in any situation

One on ones are a unique, individual meeting. Depending on the situation, how to take notes the best way can vary. Managing is not one-size-fits-all. You need to adapt to not just your team and culture, but what fits each person. It’s why understanding Task Relevant Maturity is so important. But it doesn’t stop there. […]

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Status Updates: The biggest trap to avoid in your one on ones

status updates are what bill lumbergh would use his 1 on 1s for

What questions do you bring to your one on ones? If you’re like many managers, they may be similar to these: What did you do last week? What are you doing this week? What are you doing next week? What’s the status of that project? While those are good questions for a manager to know […]

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Peer One on Ones: How to Unlock Great Collaboration Across Teams

“…The team appears to be more energized and I’m finding myself more confident in leading each individual. I’ve also extended the format to include PMs who I work with closely to also touch base and to achieve a similar outcome of trust building and alignment. So far it’s been positive.” A Design Director wrote that […]

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Manager’s Guide: How to start one on ones with your team

The best time to start a one on one is in the past, the best time to start one on ones is now.

What’s true for trees is also true for starting one on ones.  If you aren’t having one on ones with your team, you’re missing out on an incredible motivating, problem solving, pressure relieving opportunity to help and grow your team.  But even if you’re totally bought into starting them, it can be intimidating to actually […]

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