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The 8 Best Books for New Managers on Leadership and Self-Improvement

the best leadership books can help new managers be great faster

“What do I do now? Where do I even begin???” If your company has a group of new managers, then it’s very likely many of them are thinking the above questions. Whether you were left to flounder when you started out as a manager, had some great help, or have never managed yourself, there’s a […]

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5 Awesome & Unconventional Books for Leaders to Learn From

books for leaders win bigly

“Business books are all the same. A few good ideas and 100 pages of fluff.” If you or a friend reads regularly, you may be plagued by this unfortunate fact of life for many of the most common books for leaders. Andy Grove, legendary CEO of Intel, even went so far as to write about […]

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3 Books Every Manager Should Read

Get Lighthouse - How to Become a Manager

Whether you’re looking for a great holiday gift for a new manager in your life, or just want to help yourself become a better leader, books are a great source of learning. I’ve read a lot and these are all timeless classic that came highly recommended. These books compliment one another by covering key areas […]

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How to Work Remotely Like a Pro: Advice from a Veteran

Have you recently shifted to working remotely? Has it been a smooth process, or more of a bumpy ride? Getting into remote work is tricky. Making the switch from a regular co-located team to a fully remote team as many of us recently have had to do is particular difficult. Fortunately, these are well-known issues […]

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12 Questions to Ask Your Team to Become a Better Coach at Work

coach at work means building loyalty and caring for them

Ever had a great manager that invested time in helping you grow and develop? It felt great to have a coach at work, didn’t it? If not, chances are you taught yourself how to get better– whether that was your skills to be a great individual contributor or how to be a manager– through trial […]

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3 Crucial Keys to Helping Your Team Transition to Remote Work Effectively

Are you ready to transition to remote work today? With the Coronavirus spreading rapidly, many companies are making the tough, but necessary decision to have their team move to working remotely. The risk is too great with the ease with which this virus is spreading between people. Death to the open office. There’s been a […]

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11 Essential Tips for Managing Remote Employees

Are you ready to start to managing remote employees? You may be excited to take on your first remote team members– maybe an existing employee is going remote or you were hired to manage a fully distributed team– but are you familiar with the challenges that come with it? According to prolific angel investor and […]

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8 Best Professional Development Goals for Managers

Manager of managers

Ever worked with an unhappy manager? Seen them frazzled, frustrated, or run down? Chances are, their team felt the same way. There’s even a name for this: the Cascade Effect. According to Gallup’s “State of the American Manager” report “Employees’ engagement is directly influenced by their managers’ engagement — whose engagement is directly influenced by […]

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