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Be a great leader no matter where you are. We help you engage in critical, meaningful conversations with your team in your most important meeting: Your 1 on 1s.

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People Leave Managers, Not Companies
Gallup studies show that only 1 in 3 employees are engaged. Even worse, over 50% of people have quit a job specifically to get away from their manager.
Is it any surprise that 69% of managers are afraid to talk to their teams?

Lighthouse Builds Better Managers
Lighthouse makes it easy to invest in each of your people, and be the awesome manager that gets recognized & promoted.
We’ve studied the best, so you can manage like them. We applied workplace research from Stanford, Harvard, and MIT, and best practices from great leaders like Andy Grove, Peter Drucker, Ben Horowitz, Marissa Mayer, and Reid Hoffman.

Who is Lighthouse best for?

1 on 1s
Helping You Lead through Crisis
Bring out the best in your team when you need them most through essential, meaningful 1 on 1s.
1 on 1s
Recommended for Remote Managers
1 on 1s are the lifeblood of communication with your remote team members.
Make them awesome.
1 on 1s
Essential for Engineering Managers
Build the right habits as you transition from writing code to leading people. Stay organized easily as your team grows.

What does Lighthouse do?

1 on 1s
Have Great 1 on 1s
Great 1 on 1s are your best tool to boost morale and get the most from your team, yet many waste them. Get beyond status updates, to awesome, motivating 1 on 1s in good times & bad:
  • Quick prep so you’re always prepared, and easily add things as you think of them in Slack, your email, or on the go with our mobile app.
  • Organize everything in 1 place for you, instead of across dozens of hard to quickly find docs and files.
  • Suggestions Questions to open up even the most introverted, solicit great ideas to improve your team or company, and build trust with everyone.
  • Easily set action items for next time so you keep all your promises, and ensure even your underperformers do theirs.
Help Your People Grow
Study after study by Deloitte, Gallup, and others, show growth & development is the #1 perk people want, yet few are getting it despite how inexpensive it is. Lighthouse helps you:
  • Lay out a plan together to show how they can grow in their existing role, or know they’re ready for promotion.
  • Align their work & motivations by making it a regular conversation, instead of forgotten outside review time.
  • Check in on progress in their 1 on 1s to provide valuable coaching & feedback and show you care about their development.
Develop Strong Relationships
Create more trusting, psychologically safe relationships with your team members, which is a key driver of engagement. Lighthouse helps you:
  • Remember key names, birthdays, work anniversaries, and passions of your people to make you a more approachable, caring manager.
  • Strengthen your relationships by never forgetting the little details unique and important to each person on your team.
  • Suggested Questions help you break the ice with questions specific to building rapport and what to talk about with a new hire.
Reviews & 360s
Write Better Reviews
Lighthouse organizes your discussions throughout the year to make it easy to write your reviews. Never again rely on your memory to judge a year of someone’s work.
  • View all your notes for the year in one simple, condensed view.
  • Take action on review results by creating goals and setting future 1 on 1 discussions in Lighthouse.
  • Build momentum by continuing the conversation throughout the year, so each review is better than the last.
Lighthouse works with your favorite tools:
Microsoft Outlook Integration Google Calendar Integration Slack Integration Omnifocus Integration Trello Integration ToDoist Integration Microsoft Teams Integration Remember The Milk Integration

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